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Bartley Group Water Solutions is a full-service irrigation, pump, and panel construction company.  Current service areas include North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Andrew Bartley, Owner

BG Water Solutions

(980) 222- 4468 (Call or Text)

Meet Andrew Bartley, Owner and Operator of BG Water Solutions!


Andrew graduated from the University of Charlotte with Bachelors in Business Operations and Logistics in 2021.  He has a strong background in information technology focused in logistics, materials, and supply chain management.


Andrew brings over ten years of experience with service and installation of automated pumping systems for irrigation and municipal water industries and golf courses as an employee with ProPump & Controls, Inc.  He is skilled in 3-phase motors and controls experience, including relay logic, PLC, and VFD systems, and has a demonstrated history of working in various mechanical or industrial engineering industries.


Andrew incorporated Bartley Group LLC in 2019. In 2021, he decided to expand Bartley Group Water Solutions with a full-service team offering solutions to irrigation, pump station, and construction needs.  He is committed to personalized service and long-term, supportive partnerships with his clientele.  He enjoys forming strong, positive relationships with those that he works with, and is often known for even cooking up grills full of food for workers and staff on site, earning him the nickname “The Grill Guy”.  He has already established a strong base of customers due to his belief in providing high quality irrigation services and a focus on excellence in client relationships.

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